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Access to ALTIS Shorts content - The building blocks of athlete development
Access to the ALTIS 360 iPhone & Android app to access 360 on the go
Monthly updates to exclusive video and audio content
Narrated athlete drills, recovery practices, and event-specific practice drills (jumps, hurdles, sprints)
Presentations from the best in sport including ALTIS Staff and expert guests, such as Dr John Berardi and Dr Kelly Starrett
Video and audio recordings of the legendary Apprentice Coach Program pool-side chats, spanning the past three years!
Presentations from The University of Alberta: Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre Legacy Series
Access to the ALTIS AGORA Council. The ALTIS Facebook group for discussions, exclusive video content and live streams
10% discount on ALTIS coach and athlete events such as our Apprentice Coach Program at ALTIS in Phoenix, our global Coach Education events & Athlete Clinics
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