ALTIS 360 is revealing

ALTIS 360 is the embodiment of ALTIS and our intention to always be the most open environment in sport. As generations of athletes and coaches who have visited ALTIS can attest, there are no secrets. ALTIS shares everything for the good of the sport and for the good of the ALTIS Family of coaches and athletes.

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ALTIS 360 is BIG & Growing!

ALTIS 360 boasts hundreds of hours of world-class content from some of the best coaches and educators in the world.

ALTIS 360 will always be new. Hundreds of hours of new content will be added over the next 12 months, and new features will be unveiled regularly.

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ALTIS 360 is portable

ALTIS 360 was built as a mobile-optimized platform. If you are on the go or at the track, count on ALTIS 360 to be there when you need to learn or need to teach.

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ALTIS 360 is the library of ALTIS AGORA

ALTIS AGORA is the most immersive sport education system in the world, and ALTIS 360 is its cornerstone Pillar of information. ALTIS AGORA’s four other Pillars are:

  • Apprenticeship – ACP/PTP/Internship
  • Council – Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Classroom – (on-line curriculum)
  • Mentorship – (Mastermind series)

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ALTIS 360 is LIVE (Soon)

ALTIS 360 will be bringing annual members live webcast events through the ALTIS AGORA Council’s private Facebook page. Listen in to the famous ALTIS Poolside Chats from our Monthly Apprenticeship Coaches’ Program (ACP) and much more.

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ALTIS 360 is so much more than a subscription. With annual Membership, you are part of the ALTIS Family.

  1. You will receive access to ALTIS AGORA Council’s private Facebook page.
  2. You will also receive discounted access on to ALTIS coach and athlete events such as our Apprentice Coach Program at ALTIS in Phoenix, our global Coach Education events & Athlete Clinics.
  3. You will ALSO receive a 10% discount on all ALTIS apparel and swag from the ALTIS Pro Shop

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